Boris Bauer

“Lander is the only platform that we found that enables our graphic/creative team to create landing pages without the need for manual custom coding. Lander provides its own lead capture and integrates nicely with any analytics platform you may use. The support team is very responsive and was there for us every time!”

Boris Bauer, Chief Digital Officer/Founder at TEMPO Strategic
Boris Bauer

“Lander claims to be a landing page software, but it’s been much more than that to my agency. I’ve increased conversion rates from 19% to 43% thanks to landing page optimization and A/B testing and it takes us around 3 hours total to set up a complete landing page for a client.”

Andrew Apanov, Founder & CEO at Dotted Music
Boris Bauer

“I’ve really enjoyed having the ability as a marketer to create my own splash pages. Lander is extremely user friendly with excellent support and fantastic squeeze page designs. I’m very happy with the landing page generator and I would highly recommend it.”

Rachel Krider, CEO at Booming Online Business
Boris Bauer

We were looking for a user-friendly landing page builder to help us convert visitors into leads on our Wordpress site. We tested many options and Lander's templates were head and shoulders above the competition, by my estimation. Highly recommended!”

Casey Ayars, VP Marketing at Victory Agency

This free trial includes

So super-easy to use!

You don't even have to know CSS or HTML. Just drag and drop elements to the place you want them to go. Customize any of our existing landing page templates to create high converting landing pages in minutes! 'Dynamic Text Replacement' is another interesting feature that helps you to match your PPC ad keywords dynamically with your PPC ads landing page.


Get in par with the conversion geeks with our A/B testing tool. Put 3 different versions of your landing page into the test. Make changes in real time to get real time results. Your executive team will be undoubtedly pleased with the results.

I don’t want to lose these beautiful high converting templates. I WANT THEM NOW